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Become A Brand Ambassador

“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” (Prv 31:25)



It's really simple, SHARE. You share on your social media accounts, with friends and family, link to your blog.

EXCLUSIVE Discount. When you Join our Ambassador or become an Affiliate. With our program you will get Exclusive 20% off discount code to use for specific promotions throughout out the year. You can use that code for yourself and share it with anyone, friends, family, and on social media. The discount duration will be determined by promotions. We like to offer different promotions and offers, through the year, on new items in our store to help you earn more!

PAID Commission. You will receive paid commission of 10%. We will provide you a custom link that will track sales that come directly from your promotions, share, or shopping from your blog. This link will not have an expiration date and will be available to you for as long as our partnership is in place. 

FREE Product. Once the 20% off discount has been used 3 times by anyone (your followers, friends, family, or yourself) we will send you a surprise something FREE from our website. Thats right, only 3 purchases will get you a free item, something lovely!


Are you ready to become a part of the team? Simply sign up we will get you registered in our system. Be sure to fill out the form completely (so we can pay you commissions)! Once you are registered we will send you and email with information to get you started. One of the features our Ambassadors and Affiliates love is the 30-day tracking cookie. Our system keeps track of the sales through your custom link. The 30-day tracking cookie means once someone clicks on the link that you shared with them, they can come back anytime within 30-days to make a purchase and you will get the credit and get paid commission for it!

Ready to be good friends? Let's get you started and put some cash in your pocket!

Become A Brand Ambassador

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