I am so glad you found me!

I’m Gina, owner of SterlingDove.com. I’m so glad you found my little online store.

SterlingDove.com was a dream and is now a reality. I have always had the desire to inspire  joy through beautiful gifts. You could say my love languages are service and gifts. This little shop is my little piece of beauty and joy to share affordable luxurious gifts with you.

First, the inspiration...The idea of SterlingDove.com was created with the belief that things can have a greater meaning and purpose. Most special events and milestones are often celebrated with gifts and I imagine one of the lovely items from this little shop being passed down from mother to daughter. Perhaps someday grandmother to granddaughter! I hope someone is blessed by your gift. All of our featured items are chosen to inspire, bring joy, and last generations.

Second, who SterlingDove.com serves... Since I had decided to embark on this adventure, I have been working tirelessly in order to expand product offerings and make you feel like you have found a new little shop to find affordable timeless gifts. I am proud to serve your gifting needs, and remain committed to service performance as I add and expand the products offered. Please don’t hesitate to contact my team with any questions, comments or suggestions. Whether you are shopping for a special occasion, yourself, or someone you love. We are here to help.

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xo Gina